Snacks That Help Recover Energy After Exercise

Snacks That Help Recover Energy After Exercise – After exercising the body will experience a lack of energy which is good for the body. Eating is the right way to restore energy in the body. But a big meal will make us feel proud and full. It’s good if we just eat snacks

Chocolate milk

All milk is good to be consumed after exercise. However, chocolate milk has better benefits than others. The calcium content in milk and antioxidants in chocolate will help your body recover muscles faster. Not only that, chocolate milk will also make your body re-energized and ready to move again.

Snacks That Help Recover Energy After Exercise


This light snack is very appropriate to be consumed after you run, especially plain yogurt. To make it more delicious, you can add pieces of fruit. Similar to milk, the calcium in yogurt not only speeds up the recovery of the body’s muscles, but also maintains healthy bones so that they are not easily porous.

Sweet potato

Indeed, sugar will more quickly restore the body’s energy lost due to exercise. However, you are not recommended to eat all sweets. Insulin and calorie levels in your body will spike and that can make you susceptible to diabetes. Better, you replace it with sweet potatoes, snacks with natural sweetness that is rich in carbohydrates.

Boiled eggs

The next after-workout snack is eggs. Eggs are one of the best sources of protein for your body. Not only makes the stomach full, the protein content in eggs also helps increase the quantity and quality of muscle mass. Even so, you should not eat too many eggs, because the yolk contains high cholesterol which is harmful to the body.

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Don’t like milk? Maybe you can consider cheese instead. As one of the processed products from milk, cheese must contain protein and calcium which are good for growth and bone health. Even so, also pay attention to the calories, yes. Low-fat cheese is the best choice, because this product is certainly low in calories. The hallmark of low-fat cheese is a slightly hard texture with a white color.

Banana Fruit

Who would have thought, bananas turned out to be one of the best sources of energy for the body. This fruit is also highly recommended to be consumed every time you have breakfast. Bananas contain complex carbohydrates that are long digested by the body, so you will feel full longer. This is why running athletes usually eat bananas just before starting to train or compete.


The snack after the last workout is edamame. These nuts have a high protein and amino acid content and are good for increasing bone strength and maintaining heart health. Not only that, edamame is also rich in fiber, so you will feel full longer. It’s best if you boil the edamame before consuming it.…