THE DIFFERENCES OF THE GYM AND FITNESS YOU NEED TO KNOWMaybe many are not aware of the difference between gym and fitness because they think that these two terms refer to the same activity. However, if you look closely, these two terms are actually two different things. Although it can be said that the difference between the two is ‘not too stark’, it is still literally the two terms are different. In general, many interpret that fitness and the gym are activities or sports exercises that have the aim of building muscles and also an ideal and good body. Although many people have this opinion, it turns out that these two terms have differences and equating the two is an inappropriate action.

Understanding the Gym You Need to Know

Before discussing further about the differences between gym and fitness, there is nothing wrong if you first need to know the meaning of each of these terms. This discussion will begin with a review of the meaning of Gym. Gym is an acronym for Gymnasium. Literally, the gym can be interpreted as a place or location to do exercise and sports activities such as gymnastics, athletics, and/or cardio services. But now the gym has undergone a ‘shift in meaning’ so that it is more synonymous with a fitness training center to carry out various activities and exercises such as lifting weights, gymnastics, cardio training, and also other sports activities. In general, when you enter the gym you will be treated to various types of fitness equipment that can be used to support your exercise program and also your sport. In general, the more complete the exercise equipment you have, the better the gym will be for training.

Overview of the Definition of Fitness

After a little review about the meaning of the gym, what you need to know next is the definition of fitness itself. Knowing at a glance about the definition of fitness is a very important step before getting to know more about reviews about the difference between gym and fitness. Fitness is a balanced lifestyle or lifestyle steps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and also physical fitness that can be achieved by paying attention to the balance of 3 main factors, namely exercise (exercise), nutritional intake (food), and also rest. Fitness activities are basically trying to combine these three kinds of factors in order to be able to get an ideal, healthy, and fit body. But now fitness is more identified with weight training in order to build body muscles. So when they hear the term fitness, many immediately think that they will do weight training to build muscle.