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Types of Exercise to Shrink the Stomach

Types of Exercise to Shrink the Stomach – Most people feel very insecure if they want to wear tight clothes because they have a distended stomach and even big. Therefore, some of them are trying to be able to exercise as much as possible. Currently, people who go on a diet not only want to lose weight, but can focus on improving their posture, as well as increasing or shrinking certain body parts.

There are some people who want to tighten or enlarge muscles, but many also focus on reducing body parts such as the stomach.

Types of Exercise to Shrink the Stomach

1. Jog.
Jogging or jogging is a practical, easy and inexpensive sport. Not only practical, jogging is also a sport that is considered effective for burning belly fat, you know! It is recommended to do this exercise for 20-30 minutes, every 3-4 times a week to shrink a distended stomach.

During jogging you can also measure running speed to distance through the features on your smartphone or smartwatch. That way you can see the progress of your exercise every day.

2. Sit Ups.
Sit-ups can strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. The trick, lie on the floor in a supine position with your knees bent, then lift your body towards your knees while exhaling and slowly lower back to the floor while inhaling.

Do the movement 10 times (1 set), and repeat up to 2-3 sets per day. To make you more enthusiastic, you can try listening to music with bluetooth earphones. The latest bluetooth technology also supports a more stable connection with a smartphone. There is also a Noise Canceling feature that can muffle sound from outside the earphones well.

3. Yoga.
Although they tend to be static, yoga and Pilates are effective at burning fat, you know. Based on the study revealed that people who practice yoga for 90 minutes a week can reduce the size of their waist circumference by up to 3.8 cm. In addition to burning calories, yoga can increase suggestions for not eating unhealthy foods, controlling overeating, and understanding when you are hungry.

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4. Zumba.

Dancing is an art that can burn energy. If you like dancing, you can try Zumba, here, to shrink your stomach. A study notes that practicing Zumba for 39 minutes can burn 300-368 calories in the body. The Zumba movement involves all the limbs, so the stomach as one of the load bearings and moving a lot will be affected quite a lot.

5. Jumping jacks.

Jumping Jacks is a jumping movement by opening two legs to the side. You can do this movement for 60 seconds regularly every day.

6. Squats.
Squat movements are difficult and easy. For an easy way, you can do squats by opening your legs and then lowering your body into a squat position with your arms crossed while holding your shoulders. Hold this position for 30-60 seconds then slowly stand up straight. Do it 3 times.…