Type of Sports

Type of Sports

Popular Sports Among Artists

Popular Sports Among Artists – Sport is one of the basic necessities that must be done to build body fitness which must be done by all people from an early age.

Sports needs in the present seem to be as important as basic needs. High levels of stress and pressure make many people, especially city dwellers, easier to get sick. Moreover, it is not balanced with eating nutritious food.

Therefore, the sports trend has been increasing in recent years. There are even more variations. Some of them became very popular among artists.

Of the many workouts, here are seven types of sports that are popular with artists. Listen, who knows, it could be your choice of exercise later too!

1. Horse riding

Horse riding is a sport as well as a fun refreshing tool. In terms of sports benefits, equestrian activities include cardio training which can burn large amounts of calories.

Meanwhile, the refreshing side, horse riding is good for suppressing stress and depression. For people who are depressed, horse riding is usually recommended. You can also get posture improvements from riding, you know.

2. Pilates

Similar to yoga, Pilates is very good for toning all body muscles, especially the abdominal muscles. The reason is, all pilates movements require activation of the core muscles.

No wonder people who are diligent in pilates will usually have a flat stomach and tight body muscles even though they rarely lift weights. There are two types of Pilates, namely mat pilates and pilates with reformer.

Pilates mat is done on the mat by relying on our own body weight. Does not really need complex tools. If you want to be varied, you usually use flexbands, blocks, and roller foam pilates.

Meanwhile, pilates with reformer requires a special tool that is more complex. This reformer will help you achieve maximum target movement and allow for more varied inverted poses.

3. Muay thai or kick boxing

Muay thai or commonly referred to as thai boxing is in the form of a ‘fighting’ sport using several techniques, such as punches, kicks, elbows, to knee attacks.

By doing muay thai, you can channel your big energy while releasing stress. As a bonus, the calorie burn in muay thai is quite large, which can reach 700 calories per session (around 45-60 minutes).

4. Yoga

Mental health issues have become the most interesting topic discussed in recent years. One of the recommended sports to overcome mental health is yoga.

There are quite a few types of yoga with different benefits. Some focus on burning calories and improving posture, while others focus on therapy and meditation.

Among artists, the trend of yoga is gaining popularity. In the past, maybe we only knew the famous actress Sophia Latjuba who was active in yoga, now there are more and more young artists doing this sport.

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5. Golf

Known as the sport of fancy, golf also has many benefits, you know. In the past, golf was considered a sport for the elderly to maintain their heart health.

Golf is also known as a sport for officials or entrepreneurs, especially those who are in the process of lobbying something. Not so for now.

Many young artists, both men and women, are fond of golf. Especially during a pandemic, golf is considered a safe sport because it is not crowded and is practiced in open spaces.

6. Pole dance

Pole dance combines dance and acrobatics on poles. In the past, pole dance was often known as a striptease dance in nightclubs, it is different now.

Pole dancing has now become a very interesting and fun sport. Pole dancing is a sport that combines cardio and isometric exercises for muscle strength.…

Type of Sports

Sports Suitable For Pregnant Women

Sports Suitable For Pregnant Women – Pregnant women are one of the people who have to really take care of their body health, especially by exercising, there are several sports that are very suitable for pregnant women.

When pregnant, women have to make extra efforts to maintain their health, one of which is by exercising regularly. Exercise during pregnancy provides amazing benefits, such as improving mood, sleep quality, reducing aches and pains, as well as preparing pregnant women for childbirth.

Even so, the choice of exercise for pregnant women is not as free as people in general. The wrong choice of exercise, for example the exercise is too heavy, it actually risks endangering pregnant women and the fetus.

1. Cycling

Cycling is a great low impact aerobic exercise for pregnant women. However, as the stomach grows, the balance of the pregnant woman’s body will change, which means that she has more potential to fall.

If you are used to cycling, it’s actually safe to continue during pregnancy. However, if you feel less stable than usual, it’s best to switch to a stationary bike or not ride it for a while.

2. Prenatal yoga

Yoga offers many benefits for pregnant women, such as hip openers for supple delivery, stretching to help relieve back pain during pregnancy, provide mental balance, and relieve stress when hormones are unstable.

To help your yoga session during pregnancy run smoothly, find a class specifically aimed at pregnant women or practice in a studio.

3. Pilates

Pilates is a pregnancy exercise that you can do in every trimester. Pilates is suitable for building the stamina needed during childbirth and keeping up with your little one.

Pilates exercises during pregnancy can strengthen your core, so that later you can push more effectively on the day of delivery. As a bonus, Pilates sometimes practices Kegel exercises, which can make the bladder more controlled postpartum.

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4. Water sports

Swimming, water aerobics, and walking or running in water can get the heart pumping, while water helps reduce discomfort. Weightless water can relieve joint pain, while water pressure can help eliminate water retention in the body.

Exercising in water provides support for your stomach and will not put a strain on your back. This is a great way to get your heart rate up without putting stress on your joints and ligaments. Plus, aquanatal classes are very popular and can be a fun way to meet other expectant mothers.

5. On foot

Walking is also a great cardio pregnancy exercise. You can take a walk around the neighborhood or around the track with other pregnant women.

If you feel like you don’t have time to just go for a walk, break it off by taking short walks throughout the day. Three 10 to 15 minute walks throughout the day is better than no exercise at all.…