Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Cardio Exercise for the Body

Benefits of Cardio Exercise for the Body – Exercise is very useful for making the body healthier and more ideal. But basically exercise has different purposes. One of the sports that people often do is cardio. Here are the benefits

1. Lose Weight
Cardio is touted as the most effective exercise for weight loss. The benefits of cardio exercise to help burn fat and calories certainly need to be considered.

When you do cardio, you can reach your target heart rate per minute. This can help burn a lot of calories. Fat will also burn. Not only that, health authorities recommend 150 minutes of cardio exercise per week to reduce the risk of health problems.

Benefits of Cardio Exercise for the Body

2. Maintain Heart Health
The benefits of cardio exercise on this one may already be widely known. Yes, cardio exercise is useful for improving heart health and making the heart strong because it does not need to work extra to pump blood.

Choosing the right type of cardio exercise and regular exercise can train the heart so that the heart becomes stronger.

3. Boost Metabolism
Similar to other types of exercise, the benefits of cardio exercise can help maintain the body’s metabolism.

The benefits of exercise for health are no joke. By doing it regularly, you can help keep the body healthy and fit because the body’s metabolism can run well.

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4. Increase Lung Capacity
Besides being good for heart health, the benefits of cardio exercise that are done regularly can also train the lungs so that their capacity can increase.

Well, for those of you who want to maintain a healthy respiratory system, start looking for the right type of cardio exercise. Try the type of exercise you choose is a sport that you like so that you are more excited to do it regularly.

5. Prevent Various Diseases
The next benefit of cardio exercise is to help reduce the risk of various diseases. The health problems in question include heart attacks, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some forms of cancer.

Regular exercise coupled with maintaining a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of various diseases, such as heart problems, high cholesterol, and diabetes because the body’s metabolism is maintained properly.…

Benefits of Exercise

Good Benefits of Exercise in the Morning

Good Benefits of Exercise in the Morning – Exercise is indeed the best way to improve a prayer lifestyle and build body fitness when exercising in the morning.

Exercise is one way to maintain health and fitness and many people like to do it in the morning. You’re one of them? If so, continue! If not, it’s still not too late to start exercising regularly, really.

To increase your motivation to start exercising regularly, consider the explanation below about the benefits of morning exercise for body health.

1. Helps you lose weight faster

Morning exercise can help you lose weight faster. This is evidenced in a small study published in the journal EBioMedicine in 2015. This study involved 10 young men who exercise in the morning, afternoon, and evening at different sessions.

From there, the results of the study revealed that within 24 hours, the highest fat burning occurred in those who exercised in the morning before breakfast.

2. Helps control appetite

In general, exercise can have the effect of reducing and better controlling appetite due to reduced grelin, the hunger hormone.

However, exercise after sunrise has a greater impact in helping us control our appetite. This is based on a study conducted at Brigham Young University, United States (US), which was published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise in 2012.

Participants who are 35 women walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes in the morning. Later, they were shown photos of flowers and food. A week later, the process is repeated without morning exercise. In fact, the researchers found that the participants’ brains had a stronger response to photos of food when they did not exercise in the morning.

3. Increase productivity

Still from previous studies, it is also said that exercise done in the morning can increase productivity all day long.

When walking on the treadmill for 45 minutes in the morning, participants showed signs of increased physical activity during the next 24 hours.

So, for those of you who are still trapped in the “comfort zone” of laziness and want to be more productive and healthy in 2021, morning exercise can be a very good start.

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4. Inspired and accustomed to living a healthy lifestyle

Routine exercise in the morning can help the mind to get used to a healthy lifestyle without realizing it.

A study published in the International Journal of Obesity in 2018 involved 2,680 students who underwent a 15-week exercise program, as well as 30 minutes of cardio per 3 sessions each week.

In fact, exercise makes students, without prompting, more inclined and accustomed to eating healthier foods and avoiding unhealthy foods, such as red and fried meat.

While the study didn’t test for other factors such as the best time of day to exercise, the findings show how exercise can inspire someone to adopt a healthier diet.

5. Increase the power of focus

It is common knowledge that physical exercise can improve focus and concentration, regardless of the type and time of exercise. However, it is different from physical exercise in the morning.

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in 2019 found that morning exercise can improve attention, visual learning, and make informed decisions.

In the study, participants were also instructed to sit for a full 8 hours a day without any morning walks for 30 minutes on a treadmill. On other days, there is a break every 30 minutes for a 3 minute walk.…

Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise for Pregnancy

Benefits of Exercise for Pregnancy – pregnant women certainly need good health for themselves and their babies, the health of the pregnant woman’s body depends on the food consumed, in addition to sports food it is also very important for pregnancy.

The moment of pregnancy is a moment when pregnant women have to be extra in maintaining the health of themselves and the fetus they are carrying. One of the important keys to a healthy pregnancy is to exercise regularly.

Although women tend to experience a lot of discomfort during pregnancy, this is not an excuse not to exercise or be lazy. In fact, exercising can provide many benefits during pregnancy. What are some of them? Check out the explanation here.

1. Reducing the risk of gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is a condition in which the body cannot make or use all of the insulin it needs for pregnancy. Gestational diabetes can come with serious health risks.

The good news is that doing at least 30 minutes of exercise during pregnancy three times a week, especially in the first trimester, can reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, according to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

2. Good for baby health

According to a study cited in the book Physiology of Prenatal Exercise and Fetal Development, when mothers make pregnancy exercise a mainstay of prenatal life, their children will have better language development and motor skills as toddlers.

In addition, as a teenager, children showed better performance in sports and academics than children whose mothers did not exercise during pregnancy.

3. Increase comfort during pregnancy

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reports that prenatal exercise can reduce preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is a serious pregnancy condition that can cause swelling and fluid retention, in addition to high blood pressure.

Another uncomfortable condition is pregnancy edema, which is characterized by swollen ankles.

By doing prenatal exercises, even if only on foot, pregnant women can improve blood circulation, and thus help get rid of fluids.

4. Increase energy and mood

Women usually have lower energy levels during pregnancy, and daily exercise can increase energy levels. According to Bun Maternity, although usually someone will get tired once they finish exercising, the mental thought that you are energized, healthy, and revitalized from a training session can be enough to maintain endorphins throughout the day.

Not only that, by exercising regularly, the physical benefits will also increase and you will get used to being an active and happy mother.

5. A healthier heart

A study reported in the journal Early Human Development was conducted by looking at the effects of exercise by mothers on their babies. From these studies, it was found that regular exercise routines during pregnancy help lower the fetal heart rate at 36 weeks of gestation. This is a good thing, because a higher heart rate can be harmful to the fetus.…